What we do

Structural Engineering is the science and art of designing and constructing with economy, elegance and style, buildings, bridges, frameworks and structures so that they safely resist the forces to which they may become exposed and subjected to. More recently environmentally sustainable issues have come to the foreground of design principles and is now a consideration in all forms of building design undertaken at Rowntree Partnership.

We undertake work in the Commercial, Retail, Engineering and Residential sectors, from complex commercial and retail build to bespoke new build, home extensions and loft conversions.

Consultant Civil & Structural Engineers 

…are experts in the field of civil and structural engineering and specialise in building design, construction, civil engineering works and the extension of all buildings and structures both large and small. Rowntree Partnership’s team of dedicated engineers and technicians are experienced professionals and since the inception of the practice in 1981 have been associated in many forms of structure and the design of all the elements that make up the complete jigsaw of a building , from relatively simple foundation design, multi storey structures to complicated designs in structural steel, masonry, timber and concrete.

However, in a rapidly and ever changing environment, the role of an Engineer in designing a building or civil engineering works is also evolving. The modern day consultant needs to, and is adapting and expanding upon previous design theories and practices to encompass new legislation to protect and sustain the threatened environment.

Rowntree Partnership are delighted to have been involved in many prestigious projects over the last 40 years, some of which have included  housing development sites, schools, hospitals, retail outlets, offices, apartment blocks, factories and bridge design.

The practice prides itself on providing an efficient, economic friendly service, whilst maintaining and producing high quality detail drawings and calculations for submission to local authorities and contractors.

We offer a design service for Civil Engineering infrastructure works including flood risk assessments, flood management, drainage design and strategy, highway and pavement design, statutory consent applications, retaining structures and alike.